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Pisces Tattoos Designs

Your Sexy Pisces Tattoo Art and Meanings

Do you believe in astrology? If you are a believer and looking to get a Pisces tattoo because you think it will reflect who you are then you're not alone. Thousands of people all over the world use Zodiac tattoo designs in many different ways to remind of who they are. Even though you're not a strong believer, zodiac tattoos are cool to get and among the most popular tattoo designs nowadays.
If your birthday is anywhere between February 19 and March 20, you are considered a Pisces in astrology. Pisces are the dreamers of the world. They love to dream, live their dreams, and turn their fantasies into realities. Because they spend most of your time in the dream world, Pisces are usually good with art, music, and poetry. They are considering being the philosopher, psychotic, fashion and art trendsetter, and the visionary of the world. The fact the Pisces are dreamers also make them one the most romantic zodiac sign of all. For the Pisces, their dream world is far more important than anything else in life. If they find that the reality world is too cruel and harsh for them, they will live in their dream world instead. They are very emotional and sensitive people but also very kind and adaptable as well.
The Pisces tattoos

Pisces zodiac symbols has two different lines that will never meet and a cross line that hold them together. Pisces symbols represent two different pathway which frequently make them live in two different existence in life at the same time. Most Pisces spend their lives in a state of confusing between two different worlds, reality and the dream world which is always so beautiful for them.

The Fishes tattoos

The Zodiac tattoo design for the Pisces is the two fishes going two different directions. One fish is heading upward while the other is pulling downward. This truly reflects the character of the Pisces because they got pull from two totally different world and don't know which one is better for them. The tattoo of Pisces fish has many different designs and colors. Since Pisces element is water, the color design usually blue or with water around the fishes. I'm also a Pisces and I have my Pisces tattoo with two orange fish, blue water around and some script tattoos saying "living in my dreams". I got the designs from on of my friend Zodiac tattoo collection, and I thought that really reflect who I am.

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